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FULL Funding For Square Heart Movie is Now Underway.

We are looking to locate the final $250k, for final setup costs in Dubai. (90 day term + profit) Know anyone? $25k to you upon deposit, or 10 percent of funds located.

We have the interest from a top 3 named director, original attorney from Star Wars; first two episodes. The Middle East is funding the majority of production.

Contact Jacqueline Layke Executive Producer at jl-3@comcast.net

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The “Square Heart” movie contains humor, adventure, love, and the unexpected. It is a very imaginative science-fiction-fantasy-adventure-romance film. I am impressed by the many imaginative visuals, events, and characters, the quick pacing that keeps you on your toes and the warm, touching moments among the intrigues and power struggles. It deals with the age old theme of good vs. evil in a creative and warm-hearted way. The plot, characters and visuals work together to create a captivating story.

– Charlotte Sykes, Copy Editor

Jacqueline Layke is the president of Miracles in Motion, LLC. Contact Jacqueline Layke Executive Producer at jl-3@comcast.net

The immediate goal of Miracles in Motion is to make a high quality motion picture entitled SQUARE HEART.

Ms. Layke wrote the movie script and owns all the rights to the property. Ms. Layke will maintain creative direction and will be developing at least one sequel to SQUARE HEART along with other properties.

Miracles in Motion will produce film projects that will be highly entertaining and will uplift the spirit and consciousness of the viewer. The word miracle implies religion to some. To Ms. Layke any movie which makes it to the big screen is a miracle due to the effort and challenges involved.

Email Jacqueline at jl-3@comcast.net

Jacqueline Layke
Executive Producer
Miracles in Motion, LLC