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FULL Funding For Square Heart Movie is now underway.

Earn a $50k referral fee. (Contract provided) if know of a person who can help with the final $250k referred to below.

We are looking to locate the final $250k, for final setup costs in Dubai. (90 day term + profit) $50K referral fee paid upon full movie funding, within 90days.

We have the interest from a top 3 named director, awaiting a POF, {proof of funds). The original attorney from Star Wars; first two episodes is on board. The Middle East is funding the majority of the production. Conference calls can be scheduled as needed with the major principles of Tangier Enterprises, funding Co.

Contact Jacqueline Layke Executive Producer at jl-3@comcast.net, for further information.

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Email Jacqueline at jl-3@comcast.net

Jacqueline Layke
Executive Producer
Miracles in Motion, LLC